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We are an experienced team of passionate professionals, driven by a keen desire to make a difference in everything we do. We partner in “Strategy to Execution” journey of our customers to achieve ambitious performance results.


For end to end digital marketing solutions, our clients are spread across healthcare, real estate and technology sector. Understanding the trend, agility and execution differentiates GenieDoc team.


Since 2015, GenieDoc has been solving the pain points of providers and users in healthcare sector. Our first product in healthcare, GenieDoc.com is a healthcare platform enabling patients and doctors to connect, anytime and anywhere, using secure video connection for medical consultation. Our Clinic Management System (CMC) enables providers to book appointments, schedule and reschedule appointments, manage patients, print prescriptions and much more in a simple, reliable and secure manner.


At GenieDoc, our team believes in the power of change, the power of technology and the power of collaboration.


We are committed to provide an extraordinary and excellent service to our customers.


“A brilliant strategy may put a company on the competitive map. But only solid execution keeps you there.*”

(*HBR, 2011)


Whether you require to build your brand, or end to end marketing solutions, we look forward to connecting with you.


The first alphabet O in ORBIT stands for ownership, signifying the importance and necessity for healthcare professionals to have total control and full right over their own digital presence in today’s world.
While visiting a doctor last month, I discovered that her online appointment booking system with one of the famous online portals had been down for the last seven days. She further shared that she had been struggling to contact the technical team to get her practice information (digital signboard) and appointment schedule up and running again. This incident not only impacted her daily routine but also caused significant inconvenience to her patients.
Technological glitches and outages do happen. Unintentional and unavoidable at times. Nevertheless, the situation becomes complex when digital presence of a healthcare professional is solely dependent on the whims and fancies of an outside agency without any direct control of the owner.
A digital signboard and appointment booking system allows patients to schedule appointment with doctor, as per their convenience and doctor’s availability. Imagine a scenario for a healthcare professional where someone else is controlling and taking the decision on a daily basis whether this digital signboard would be switched-on or not for the convenience of patients.
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R stands for reach in ORBIT, highlighting the significance of accessibility of healthcare providers for patients throughout the duration of their medical treatment.
Doctor-patient relationship has been changing over the last few decades. Having grown up in a small city, I have seen the big mismatch in doctor-patient ratio leading to long queues resulting in hours of waiting time outside a doctor’s clinic. There were no appointments available and doctor was almost never reachable on phone. Today, targeting patient convenience in metro cities, doctors not only follow an appointment system but also share their mobile numbers with them so that patients can reach out to their doctors, for any urgent query regarding their treatment.
How patient behaviour is changing?
Undoubtedly, healthcare services are becoming more patient-centric globally and the habits of doctors as well as patients are changing continuously.
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The third alphabet B in ORBIT stands for Brand, which signifies  the necessity of goodwill, reputation and trust in healthcare services.
“How do you choose your preferred hospital, clinic or doctor?” This question was put up to several patients in Delhi-NCR. The predominant answer shared by patients pointed towards the ‘brand’ of the hospital or doctor, as perceived by patients based on various parameters and sources of information.
Patients access and assimilate information from multiple channels, which leads to brand perception of a healthcare facility or provider.
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I stands for information in ORBIT, signifying the ideal role of information in the healthcare sector as crucial decisions are taken by patients based on the availability and accessibility of information.
In today’s technology driven era, we live in a society where information is the key to all aspects of life and every individual consumes as well as seeks information on a daily basis. Given the priority of health in the life of each individual, it is vital for healthcare providers to share accurate and reliable information at all points of time. Furthermore, this information should be available offline as well as online, and accessible from various devices which are used to access internet.
Patients seek information about the healthcare services during various phases of their treatment because they want to be sure about the type and quality of services available for their condition. Globally, the trend has been to provide patient-centric care, where the patients are aware of the medical condition and informed decisions are taken during the process of their treatment.
During medical treatment, patients seek information based on their interest, need and literacy. Patients mainly reach out to healthcare providers for the following:
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The last alphabet in ORBIT stands for Technology, which is the foundation and driver of various modules in ORBIT enabling healthcare providers to improve their efficiency in their daily practice.
Role of technology in healthcare
The field of medicine has been transformed by technology in the past century and technology continues to play a pivotal role in all aspects of healthcare, including diagnosis, procedures and medications. Technology allows healthcare providers to focus on more effective patient care by providing them tools for better diagnosis, more efficient procedures and easier monitoring throughout the treatment process.
Today, healthcare is moving gradually towards a more patient-centric model. This has been made possible only due to the adoption of technology as healthcare providers are now able to practice medicine while considering unique patient aspects and convenience, and at the same time, achieving higher efficiencies and success rates.
Ease of using technology has further changed the perception of technology in the minds of healthcare providers. Earlier, healthcare providers found it tough to adopt technology as it meant changing the status quo and existing protocols. However, they now have taken a leadership role in using, implementing and establishing new methods and tools based on technology given the simplicity in using the same.
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